CRE in pets: Sharing may not be caring

While reading this article ( the old adage of people resembling their pets crossed my mind. Dog and owner look-alike contests are part of popular folklore and I can remember an episode of the Today show with people bickering about correlations between overweight pets and overweight pet owners. The resemblance between pets and owners unfortunately […]

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CRE: stowaways travelling with your endoscope

Infections with carbapenem resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) are beyond doubt among the most dreadful infection control threats currently. In The Netherlands, a setting well known for its low incidence of highly resistant pathogens, such as MRSA, the 2011 outbreak of Oxa-48 producing CRE had a unprecedented impact. More recently, a small outbreak of KPC producing Klebsiella […]

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Salmonella Thompson, a century of difference?

It so happened that I stumbled upon a fascinating story dating back to July 1924, about a farmer named Thompson, living near Guisborough in Yorkshire (UK). Back then, food processing was mostly a matter of doing-it-your-self, as apparent from the three small rabbits that were shot on the farm, and served as ingredients for a […]

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As an infection control expert

I write this blog as an infection control expert, affiliated with Tensen & Nolte Infection Control and as a co-initiator of the app InfectionGuide. Tensen & Nolte Infection Control provides interim and thematic support in the field of infection control for health care facilities. Our experience extends to large and small hospitals, private clinics, nursing […]

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